the wait

it has always been about the wait. we stumble toward the grave  in a blinding fog pretending we can see. we wait for the end, living in the footnotes of our lives, the summary we try to pass off as story. but we are the story, unabridged and waiting to be read, waiting for someone […]

when i expire

When I expire, lungs emptied of air, heart still and unmoved, do not say I died or transitioned or passed away. Tell them that I left. I walked away from here. I packed light and went a travelin’, tiny knapsack stuffed round and ready for a one-way journey into the tamed uncharted wilderness. Tell them […]

recycled soul

Come, let me recycle your soul. I will rinse it clean, sanitize it, then send it back to Earth. The sanitization process often erases all traces of memories. For some, however, a few latent memories of time spent here are retained, fully realized through spirit-work The un-sanitized memories are like leftover germs, each one carrying […]

memories in a can

she was dying not from disease it was much more invasive than that there is no vaccine for pain no vaccine for the insecurity he bred inside her turning her into a genetic modification of her former self her soul is now broken ribs from steel-toe boots no vaccine for immortal memories she wished would […]

under the baobab tree

she waited for herself at twilight under the baobab tree black skirt raised above knees red and gold painted bare feet on haunted ground spirit rising through ancient soil seeking lost self and awaiting life the agape dance gyrating for the coming moon gyrating for her lost self smelling sea water on moonbeams night skirt […]

yesterday’s words

there is a forgotten life inside this aging skin fragmented memories of an ancient epoch ancestral reinventions laced in lost stories our flesh matters less than the words we leave behind the lyrics endure; a griot’s invocation the deluge of stories return to our waiting tongue words become anthropomorphic things with breath and soul; with […]

the unseen spectrum

i am more than the words i speak or write. more than what you see. i am the unseen and unheard ends of the spectrum. i am the invisible that exists, not needing eyes or ears to simply be. i too require instruments to detect my presence in this space. i too can only be […]

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