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lies, inc.

I’ve always wanted to read the work of Philip K. Dick. I’ll be digging into a copy of Lies, Inc. and am hopeful this will be a great read. Happy reading!


Today is the past. This moment belongs to the ancestors. Now is the sepia moment; and a thousand years from now many will look back and call this age vintage.

waiting in the night

Everyone was thirsty, but no one wanted to walk down the long corridor toward the kitchen, not even Marie. The fridge was only a few terrifying feet away and inside was cool water that would easily quench their thirst. But it was a…

the color of me

We imagine many kinds of worlds. We’ve even lived through decades of black & white television where our world was reflected back to us without color. Some have claimed they only dream in black and white. Whereas I have always dreamed in full…

still death

We often talk about still life in art. But there is something else There is still death A dry brown leaf sits on my porch remembering green life Veins run through what was once a vibrant part of a collective They carried life…

refraction: light passing through life

Through light we see life Through life we see illusions that dance inside our dreams Through our dreams we live what was Through our illusions we live what could be Light envelopes reality Light sees life and continues Light sees life and unfolds…

it is done

I remember the first time I realized that I was not immortal. I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old. It was a strange revelation that didn’t really frighten me at the time, but somehow made me acutely aware of my existence.…

pandora: on the inside

This is an interesting writing prompt that is easy for me to imagine. I would spend a day inside the movie Avatar. While there, everything wonderful, amazing and adventurous happens. No outsiders have even imagined Pandora exists. I’d live the life of the…

sunshine through glass

i watched the sun shining through glass. each frame cast a square of light onto the carpet. it may seem insignificant to some, but observing a simple moment can change the way we see life.


at times, life is filled with a complexity that drowns us in the wonder of it all. today i realize that complexity. i am humbled by it.

the night sky

The night is beautiful here. The moon seems to be full and only a few sparse clouds speckle the sky. If not tonight, tomorrow night, go outside and look up at the night sky. Let the many millions of stars slowly come into…

book snob

Hands down, I would say I’m snobbish about books. I rarely loan my books to others. When I do, I must be sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the person will in fact read it. Otherwise, they are welcome to buy…



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