a voice without a voice

As I grow, my voice changes. I’ve never really understood what it meant to find one particular writing voice. As a writer and human being, everything we are morphs over time. With each new experience, we become a newer version of our earlier selves. We are upgraded and to some degree, more refined and in tune to our needs and desires. We are in a constant state of becoming.

Franky, I would never want to be locked into any one voice. I enjoy the freedom of being whatever I am inclined to be at any moment in time and allowing that voice, whatever it may be, to surface.

Even personality in my writing will change over time. While there may be certain characteristics and traits that rarely change, there will always be a revealing, like an onion peeling away to discover yet another layer of being never before seen. I need the ability to become in that way—always becoming and birthing new ways of seeing—and new ways of expressing that way of seeing.

While some have found their voice and are happy with their discovery, I am trying to develop into a chorus, with many voices that create a harmonious masterpiece that is me as alto, soprano, bass or tenor—and me as the collective chorus. I like this kind of freedom. It revitalizes me and frees me from the box that says I need to communicate in one particular way, through a single voice. I am many voices and will continue to allow myself to grow through it all.

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