Conflict typically arises because of two reasons. One, there is something we do not know about the object of our conflict. Or two, there is something we do not know about ourselves. We often think we have all the information we need and can ascertain the source of the conflict and without question deal with the issue. Sadly, the reason for the conflict can be something we are unprepared to face. At other times, the reason can be as simple as our unwillingness to compromise.

There is no single way to handle conflict that is more effective than another in most cases. It all depends on the situation. In some cases, boldly and directly is the necessary course. At other times, a subtle approach is far more effective. In the end, conflict can only be resolved if both parties are willing to listen without an inflated ego and without selfish intent. Combative personalities tend to block the path to conflict resolution. Introverts hinder effective communication that would lead to conflict resolution. There are many variables that can hinder or help the process toward conflict resolution.

I abhor conflict, but it is sometimes a necessary part of growth. We learn much about ourselves during those times, and about the person or persons we are in conflict with. My hope is that at the other side of the conflict I will always surface with a renewed understanding of who we are as humans and learn how to avoid future conflict, or, at the very least, learn how to manage any new issues that may arise.

Daily Prompt: Showdown at Big Sky