beats for a moment

For millions of years, there was no heartbeat. Then the darkness lifted. The void for a moment comforted me and just as quickly ushered me into the light of birth. Beats. Beats. Beats. Movement. For nearly 100 years my heart will beat. I will move. I will be moved. Then, for millions of years, there will be no heartbeat. No me. No me seeing you. A moment. A brief and seemingly insignificant moment of light and life. Then…

© zaji, 2016


Author: zaji

4 thoughts on “beats for a moment

  1. Exquisitely introspective! It’s like the Universe was a womb of sorts birthing the planets, starts, and galaxies. Primordial. Of course this could mean humans brief time on earth but I saw/read this poem on another level. I like the “Then….” at the end because it leaves room for new beginnings. Life anew on distant planetary solar/lunar systems. I think this idea is still in my mind because I’m still constructing my Pangaea/Pangeia story|poem. Also from the below article link.

    1. There is so much to it all…existence. So much we don’t know and will never know. Yet, we are here, breathing, heart beating.

      I can’t wait to read your story/poem.

  2. Your work is consistently beautiful and always a pleasure to read 🙂 you’ve got some amazing talent!

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