I’ve written a few Twitter posts that I am sharing here. Twitter poetics…in blue.


Stories breath. Exhaling the laws of words. Speaking lifetimes back into existence. Speaking for yesterday’s wisdom.

If you say our world is beautiful, I will believe you. But do not lie; do not lie.

i seek refuge in ink and unbleached papyrus. something waits for me at the end of the stories. paper wet black, and true.

under sun and moon i touch naked back to grass. breasts become mountains, inching toward the sky, breaking clouds into pieces.

the night creaks and moans. i am undulated by the darkness, a bending wave of body and soul. i am outside light. i am inside night.

we live inside ourselves, inside experiences and memories that become our tattoo.

I am at the center of loneliness. It is there that I wait for you, in the midst of my wanting.

I look in the mirror & say, “I remember you.” The mirror melts into a puddle at my feet. I am no longer chained to false images.