i hide

April 9, 2017 zaji 1

i hide inside myself, in the dark corners of memory, in the light of a thousand what-could-have-beens.

existence remembered

March 10, 2017 zaji 0

The words leave, drifting atop my misconceptions. I am looking backwards. Why did we come here? Was it only to see if being human was […]

parallel universe

March 4, 2017 zaji 0

In the space of memory resides the fence we stand atop, teetering on the edge between hard ground and water. In that space we remember […]

your lies

February 28, 2017 zaji 0

Your lies won’t save you from death. You will die anyway. Death is the great truth teller. When it comes, all you will know in […]

finding the true days

December 25, 2016 zaji 0

I do not celebrate culture created holidays. None of them. I celebrate each day, all 365 of them, and find ways to make them beautiful […]

blue elegance

September 8, 2016 zaji 1

Writing Prompt: Elegant Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. The waters are not blue. They are the mirror for the royal […]


September 8, 2016 zaji 0

Gaia I am in awe. Life. It sings to my soul. New Songs. Honor it now. Earth.

a return to locs

September 7, 2016 zaji 2

My DNA has warned me that if I keep on with this nonsense about growing out my natural hair without locs, there will be hell to pay. I get death threat-like whispers from my cells that I need to restart my locs, or else. This is a trying time, when the body actively participates in…

a return to locs was originally published on zaji

i am wanting

September 6, 2016 zaji 1

I no longer remember who I am, nor why I am. Inside this foreign skin I breathe. I inhale the world I’ve wished for in […]

final semester

June 8, 2016 zaji 1

Last semester. I need to get through this. Can’t let illness stop me. Whatever lives, breathes, thinks, intervenes, loves, sees…. …ancestors, alien overlords, yoruba deities, […]