Category: experiences

the unseen spectrum

i am more than the words i speak or write. more than what you see. i am the unseen and unheard ends of the spectrum. i am the invisible that exists, not needing eyes or ears to simply be. i too require instruments to detect my presence in this space. i too can only be […]

final semester

Last semester. I need to get through this. Can’t let illness stop me. Whatever lives, breathes, thinks, intervenes, loves, sees…. …ancestors, alien overlords, yoruba deities, universe, omniverse, multiverse, reincarnation overseers, ancient scientists experimenting with the DNA of various species throughout the universe…. ….please, see me, and get me through this so I can complete my […]


There is nothing here. Only waves of memories folding over unrelenting experiences. I will no longer question my thoughts, but instead, carve question marks into stones; and diamonds and gold. Carve them into clouds and raindrops and the wind. My footprints will become question marks left behind as I crease the sands that endlessly wash […]

the mold in me

I’ve been away for the last two weeks. My vow to write daily has been broken by debilitating illness. You see, I was poisoned by mold which ravaged my body systemically and to the point of near immobility. The signs were all there, with one member of the household exhibiting symptoms we could find no […]

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