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a sobering existence

I’ve been traveling most of the week. My very good friend’s grandmother died and I wanted to be there for her. Her grandmother was an incredibly prepared woman. She planned every aspect of her funeral down to the coffin, memorial cards and obituary. There was nothing that needed to be done or paid for except […]

food and the body

I attended a nutrition seminar today. It was refreshing to see a nurse practitioner who actually addressed eating habits when faced with patients with serious health problems. So few in the medical industry address the foods we eat as one of the major causes of most dis-ease. Processed foods are destructive to our system, tossing […]


Sitting inside myself, watching myself, seeing me as an observer, and allowing the world to pass through me, through my skin. I am really here, experiencing this existence. I see other people experiencing their existence and seeing the world from perspectives I could never imagine. Tchaikovsky’s Nocturne op. 19 played by Nina Kotova is the […]

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