Category: experiences

feeling henna

Was in a strange mood a couple of days ago and decided to get a henna design in the palm of my hand. It was fun. I’ve never done anything to the palm of my hand before. This was a very interesting experience. There is a tendency to keep looking at my hand and examine […]

balancing conflict

Conflict typically arises because of two reasons. One, there is something we do not know about the object of our conflict. Or two, there is something we do not know about ourselves. We often think we have all the information we need and can ascertain the source of the conflict and without question deal with […]

a moment in time

Last spring I almost died. That day not long ago was ordinary and nothing special was intended. My friend and I spent most of our spring days together being silly. We’d virtually lived outside, running, jumping, skating, skipping and darting in and out of half built houses. When the sun went down, we’d sit under […]

after here

What if when we die, we do not go to a single place where all people ascend to, but to whatever place we believe we will go? What if we create our own individual afterlife, and no two afterlives will be the same? If you believe you will go to a heaven, that is where […]

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