January 5, 2016 zaji 0

Sometimes the seaweed gets into my kinky black hair I forget for a moment that I’m not a mermaid But when I lie to myself […]


January 4, 2016 zaji 0

Today is the past. This moment belongs to the ancestors. Now is the sepia moment; and a thousand years from now many will look back […]

dark tracks

January 3, 2016 zaji 1

i walk barefoot on dark tracks the cold steel is warmed by the hot summer sun my feet and toes learn the dance the tracks […]

No Picture

to write

January 2, 2016 zaji 0

i’m in a semi dark room. the energy saving heater blows to warm the chilly space. the sky has turned a muted red and i […]

brown nakedness

December 8, 2014 zaji 0

there is beauty in brown nakedness. in warm tones that purr across sheets and remind us that love comes in many shades. Image artist unknown

the moon

December 7, 2014 zaji 0

I look out the window at the big white moon, full, pregnant with life. Gray clouds pass. The sky light dims. The witch in me […]