split apart

January 21, 2017zaji0

i am split apart, opened wide like the Nile and equally as filled with memories of life and death and history flowing through ancient cities. […]

lost words

January 18, 2017zaji2

I have lost the words, their life force spilling at my feet after slipping through disconsolate fingers. The letters tumble and roll, trying to find […]

sky queen

January 10, 2017zaji0

Good day folks. For those who are unaware, I am also a website and graphic designer. Below is my latest creation, a movie poster; my […]


December 2, 2016zaji0

Strong, sturdy hips receive hungry thrusts. Authentic sex is not for the weak. Fainting hearts are not welcome here. Moans crescendo, vibrating leaves and rippling […]

do not look for me here

November 11, 2016zaji0

If one day you desire to find me, don’t look for me here. Search for me in the quiet space, that place where only you […]

belief collector

September 29, 2016zaji1

i collect beliefs and put them inside glass jars, rubber sealed and sometimes placed in the sun. i shake them to see if they will […]

filtered kiss

September 24, 2016zaji2

Having fun with filters today! Do you have any favorite filters you’d like to share?

pieces of me

September 20, 2016zaji1

i sprinkle pieces of me at your feet, like rose petals, to soothe your soul from the unforgiving earth. each piece is memory reborn, slipping […]

on the edge of rest

September 16, 2016zaji0

Photo Challenge: Edge I cannot sit. The edge is too near, too daunting. The cloth is stripped away as surely as my soul is stripped […]

i am not what you seek

September 8, 2016zaji0

I am not what you see or seek in the mirror. I am me, living inside my skin, carrying blood and bone through time.

blue elegance

September 8, 2016zaji1

Writing Prompt: Elegant Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. The waters are not blue. They are the mirror for the royal […]


September 8, 2016zaji0

Gaia I am in awe. Life. It sings to my soul. New Songs. Honor it now. Earth.