Category: experimental

into my bones

i flow into my bones my blood smooths rocks         water is crimson it moves without veins         inside my bones live roots dark brown crying flesh of The Lost People         deep inside sunless soil the worms of my skin         Dust reaches for sky and clouds the dust of my cutis flesh grows roots blood waters my […]

the ruins

I am like the wildebeest in your dreams Search the ruins for my ghost There you will find me         flesh and blood returned                 digging through the rubble for my ancestors My nails bend and break I bleed from fingers that cannot move the rubble Flesh is not stone Not today Time leaves me here         trying […]

to write

i’m in a semi dark room. the energy saving heater blows to warm the chilly space. the sky has turned a muted red and i feel the muted voices of my ancestors telling me to write something, anything. but i don’t want to write. it’s too hard. the pain is too loud and obnoxious. i […]

the moon

I look out the window at the big white moon, full, pregnant with life. Gray clouds pass. The sky light dims. The witch in me seeks frankincense and myrrh and words that create magic. I speak them to the moon, offering them like a sacrificed lamb. I am naked on the grass, blades moving through […]

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