forgetting you

March 14, 2016zaji0

I wrote this micro fiction piece today. Decided to play with an idea. ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ i twist. i forgot about you last night. […]

the history of colors

March 9, 2016zaji0

I grew black wings today. I spread them wide and flew beyond Mars. I pushed my wings to flap through thick dark space around Jupiter […]

the highway

February 21, 2016zaji0

The dusty black tar receding behind Panga ran into the forlorn past. Far from the groping and needy future, the road ahead beckoned her to […]

the elec-trick company

February 7, 2016zaji2

This is the beginning of an idea I believe I can flesh out and do something interesting with. I was thinking about consumerism, commercialism, capitalism, […]

the altar gods

February 5, 2016zaji2

This is a short story I’m still working on. It’s rough around the edges, but I like the idea of it. I started writing it […]

No Picture

alphabet gumbo story

December 13, 2014zaji0

Writing Prompt: Alphabet Soup Write down the letters of the ABC. For each one, choose a word that begins with that letter. Now, write a […]

words in bits and bytes

November 3, 2014zaji7

It’s 2014. Attached to my old dusty hard drive is a note to whomever finds it when, possibly, my flesh is dust. Time moves forward, […]

No Picture

waiting in the night

October 31, 2014zaji4

Everyone was thirsty, but no one wanted to walk down the long corridor toward the kitchen, not even Marie. The fridge was only a few […]

the girl in the outhouse

September 11, 2014zaji2

I was born on an oddly shaped island just below Cuba. Places like Kingston, Montego Bay and St. Ann are reminders of a colonized space […]

on the green beach chair

February 14, 2014zaji0

The music started. Emanating from the office were tunes meant to soothe the inner beast. I walked to the doorway. His back to me. Moving […]