darkness and light

April 30, 2015zaji3

We talk about darkness and light. But what if there is something else we have yet to encounter? What if those two are not all […]

the science of karma

April 18, 2015zaji0

Writing Prompt: Karma Chameleon This just in: let’s pretend that science has proven that karma is a thing. Your words and actions will influence what […]

the question mark

April 18, 2015zaji3

Nearly everything that happens between life and death is a question mark. The questions haunt us and we make an effort throughout our lives to […]

dream with me

April 10, 2015zaji0

i want to dream with you in technicolor let our minds intertwine as we write stories in our sleep state dream with me we will […]

lest we forget

March 8, 2015zaji0

memories trace a path to our doorstep. the familiar knock interrupts our living. do we open it? or do we send the memories away, back […]

the rose

February 19, 2015zaji2

He placed a rose on her headstone In the mornings she was awakened by the smell of a rose placed on her pillow He knew […]

i dreamed of dust

January 28, 2015zaji4

My mind is an unbound galaxy filled with impossible ideas, life giving stars Each star the nucleus of a thought that gives birth to systems […]


January 20, 2015zaji0

i’ve forgotten many yesterdays. tomorrow is a dream waiting to come true Image Author Unknown

the smallness of now

January 1, 2015zaji1

we don’t live in the past or the future. we live in the now. memory is not a timeline, nor a calendar. it’s a place […]

be still

December 29, 2014zaji1

The world is so busy. Money must be made, dishes washed, carpets cleaned, windows shined, hair combed, car serviced and filled with gas, groceries bought, […]