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a little while

Stay with me for a little while A small, tiny, infintisimal while We don’t need words only loud and invading silence We will dance to it swinging our souls to its vibrations It is enough It must be enough And when the music of silence ends We will vibrate through touch Leaving the world behind […]

after midnight

3am. Broken clocks can’t tell time. Meaningless hands move through contrived seconds. It is all a creation of the mind. 4am. Father is dead. Maybe he never existed. No, not maybe. There is no father. 5am. The sun returns in cycles. No hands necessary. Birds chirp as the horizon brightens 6am. The worms have already […]

honey soaked soul

Experimenting with words fascinates me. Here is another experiment that I can edit to work better. Honey soaked souls fly into sweet tomorrows I am yesterday’s child, bejeweled with seaweed on my fin I am scaled blue, breasts suppled by ocean waves The moon is my timeless clock with no hands It guides me to […]

in between spaces

i am between the rugged spaces of non-time the spaces breathe in false yesterdays and invisible tomorrows then exhale the unpredictable now, the moment, the all-there-is we are served strange life each sunrise and sunset we drink and eat the now, filling our bellies with notions of eternity belief confines creation time casts us into […]

on dead leaves

i sleep atop living and dead leaves shadowed by sensual trees whose leaves play upon my sun bathed skin untold stories whisper through fallen leaves they descend onto my engorged breasts infant food from the mother goddess dead leaves shift and crunch beneath my dreams my naked body moves in REM remembering notes and rhythms […]

memories in yellow

“I am not asking you to remember who you are. I am asking you to put everything aside and discover what has never really been forgotten. See what has always been present.” — Gangaji  The space of memory is littered with yellow roses scattered atop red paint. Yellow suns warm distant solar systems teaming with […]


I am torn between sunrises and snow flakes, between Timbuktu and Saturn. I am wedged between the grass blades between my toes and the forgotten places in realms beyond this flesh and bones. I am the blood pumping through my veins, alive and wanting Earth, then, in an instant, I am the selfless need to […]

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