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into my bones

i flow into my bones my blood smooths rocks         water is crimson it moves without veins         inside my bones live roots dark brown crying flesh of The Lost People         deep inside sunless soil the worms of my skin         Dust reaches for sky and clouds the dust of my cutis flesh grows roots blood waters my […]

the ruins

I am like the wildebeest in your dreams Search the ruins for my ghost There you will find me         flesh and blood returned                 digging through the rubble for my ancestors My nails bend and break I bleed from fingers that cannot move the rubble Flesh is not stone Not today Time leaves me here         trying […]

a scarf denied

Writing Prompt: Wronged Objects If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology? I’m so excited that my writing prompt was selected. I’ve decided to write a poem about a wronged object for this post. On my other blog, I wrote about […]

knowing freedom

i want to wash my skin with white clouds; wash until they feel the insides of me so deeply they cry upon my skin; until they are heavy and gray with my sadness; until they are empty of the weight of the sky above them; blue by day, black by night. I want to move […]

a fragment of you

i am a fragment of you a piece of tomorrow who buys lipstick to feel pretty cracked nail polish on bitten nails a church bell rings the smell of paint fills me inside out reminding me of broken dreams that fragment of me remembers yesterday it imagined a time when it was whole the truth […]

a dime bag

i remember a time when meditation was free now the stolen moments cost dearly i lean back and think a memory is worth more than a dime bag but no one buys memories they want weed to get high meditation won’t take them there too expensive too much time to collect a dime bag is […]

feet in snow

This girl remember bare feet in snow on a warm winter day. Sun beaming down on two wide eyed kids enjoying tufts of cold white flakes between toes. One child just come from Jamaica. The other come just five years before. The one just come never see snow before. He giggle with delight. Snow fall […]

i remember

I remember black shoes at midnight Feet that wiggle inside and dream of nakedness They spill out on rocks and sand and dead leaves Bubble gum is sticky between toes I remember dirty fingernails in sunlight Hands that ball to hide the shame Water washes away secret sins Acrylic covers the other you I remember […]

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