Category: poetry

in the house of brothers

my father had three faces and a boiling pan where he hardened his sons into men before he fixed the roof my father had three faces and the head of a hammer where he pounded his sons into shape my brothers were not him at least the one their stomachs growled for his eyes they […]


heading east of the full moon sand dunes play upon me like violins i seek my lodestar persistent, digging finding something finding nothing finding the end of tomorrow twilight has left me alone with the moon it whispers to me i forgot why i’m here was it for lust was it for love was it […]

a dime bag

i remember a time when meditation was free now the stolen moments cost dearly i lean back and think a memory is worth more than a dime bag but no one buys memories they want weed to get high meditation won’t take them there too expensive too much time to collect a dime bag is […]

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