December 2, 2016zaji0

Strong, sturdy hips receive hungry thrusts. Authentic sex is not for the weak. Fainting hearts are not welcome here. Moans crescendo, vibrating leaves and rippling […]

do not look for me here

November 11, 2016zaji0

If one day you desire to find me, don’t look for me here. Search for me in the quiet space, that place where only you […]

the clouds in prayer

August 7, 2016zaji4

The clouds interlace fingers seeking prayer, an impassioned supplication to the un-gods.  They spread across skies gathering stories of un-time, spaces inside cycles that collect […]


June 9, 2016zaji0

we are here to see the impossible sometimes through the night other times through the rain we must see inside self see inside the places […]


June 1, 2016zaji0

There is nothing here. Only waves of memories folding over unrelenting experiences. I will no longer question my thoughts, but instead, carve question marks into […]

time leaves

May 1, 2016zaji0

one day, when time leaves snow will be warm and the sun green. the ancestors will return and birth, painless. knowledge drinkable and love no […]

words come

April 30, 2016zaji0

i read the wind. the words color me in shades of scented gardenias. the words take to the clouds, and write their sex song. i […]

the cauldron

April 30, 2016zaji0

the moon waits for me. i become the terpsichorean, naked, fragile, unclothed in darkness. my hips are my cauldron. i stir. i stir for the […]

blue world

April 26, 2016zaji0

I won’t be saved by you. Only the sky can save me from this blue world wondering how it came to be.

time chain

April 25, 2016zaji0

The days meld into each other. Each one a link in a chain. The chain slowly reaching into the distance. This is our lives, each […]

iniquities of gods

April 21, 2016zaji0

I walk the dusty road of false time, seeking angels with broken wings. Only they know my sorrow and how unforgiving the gods can be. […]