in elysium

December 10, 2017 zaji 2

Your whispers reach me across time. They find me standing on the edge of awakening. My dreams leave, then your dreams ask to enter the […]

feeling jolly, maybe

December 10, 2017 zaji 4

It snowed last night. This morning the sky was clear and the snow bright. While I do feel a sense of jolly when I look […]

i built a story

September 22, 2017 zaji 0

I built a story that was tall and wide, stretching across miles of land like the Great Wall of China. I did not use brick […]

mortal words

August 15, 2017 zaji 0

i’ve decided that i don’t want to write, not with my hands anyway. i want to think words onto paper and screens and leaves and […]

i am the stream…

August 14, 2017 zaji 0

i am the stream… of consciousness. it is 2:38pm, monday, the In The Beginning day of the week august 14. twenty seventeen, whatever that means […]


April 29, 2017 zaji 0

We all seek freedom in one way or another. But in the end, we live in an age where none of us know what true […]

i hide

April 9, 2017 zaji 1

i hide inside myself, in the dark corners of memory, in the light of a thousand what-could-have-beens.

existence remembered

March 10, 2017 zaji 0

The words leave, drifting atop my misconceptions. I am looking backwards. Why did we come here? Was it only to see if being human was […]

parallel universe

March 4, 2017 zaji 0

In the space of memory resides the fence we stand atop, teetering on the edge between hard ground and water. In that space we remember […]

your lies

February 28, 2017 zaji 0

Your lies won’t save you from death. You will die anyway. Death is the great truth teller. When it comes, all you will know in […]

little expectations

February 14, 2017 zaji 0

Writing Prompt: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Expectation. I am sometimes filled to overflowing with a cauldron of expectations. Ideas […]

the thinning web

February 13, 2017 zaji 0

The silken network of threads thin inside me; those webs that stick to everything that I am. They thin, inch by inch, but strengthen, holding […]

split apart

January 21, 2017 zaji 0

i am split apart, opened wide like the Nile and equally as filled with memories of life and death and history flowing through ancient cities. […]