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i see friend

Writing Prompt: Friend Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. i see friend. she stand there. years blooming on her face. smile rising inside me. she speak decades back. she conjure long gone words. she remember laughs. she remember cries. she remember moving earth and sea, because she gonna come see me. […]

the fight in us

Writing Prompt: Fight Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. I don’t understand the fight that humans have in them. We fight to stay alive, yet many do things that seem like a fight to die. Everything seems to be a fight toward an inevitable end that will lead nowhere. Then there […]

inventing a culture

This is another piece I was working on that I think could become something. It’s unedited. I think it might make a good short story.          “What are you in for?”         “You don’t wanna know,” answered Larry to the strange man in the cell across from him.         Larry’s head was bent low. He looked dejected […]

absence of fear

I am listening to “Absence of Fear” by Jewel. This song is poetry. I feel it reach into me and remind that I am here, in this existence, breathing, seeing, feeling, thinking. Loving. There is much to the idea of living in the absence of fear. The world is deluged with fear. Fear keeps us […]

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