If you’ve landed here then evidently you are seeking an editor.  Editing your manuscript is a rewarding journey that will take your work from draft to finished product.

As we embark on this journey together, understand one basic truth about editing;  It is a process that takes time, patience and hard work. Be prepared to be an active part of that process.

Write well!

Under 60,000 words

0.0125 cents per word – copy editing

0.0130 cents per word – content editing

0.0135 cents per word – combo (content & copy editing)

Over 60,000 words

0.0110 cents per word – copy editing

0.0120 cents per word – content editing

0.0125 cents per word – combo (content & copy editing)

All word counts

0.0099 per word – proofreading

Four to six (4-6) weeks turnaround time. One hour phone consultation.

Full payment required in advance. Special financial circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.


To get the best, most accurate evaluation of your manuscript, an editor must be honest and forthright. If paid half up front and the remainder on completion, manuscript editors may tend to sugar-coat their comments and overall evaluation to prevent angry clients from withholding final payment. As a writer, you are paying for honest criticism of your work. You may not agree with everything your editor says about your work; the truth often stings. In the end, only complete honesty from your editor will be useful. Editors who allow payment plans tend to not be as candid and forthcoming in their comments as those who require full payment in advance.


Content/Developmental Editing [for unedited works]:  Here I focus on the big picture. I look at how characters and plot intertwine, the theme, level of suspense and tension, dialogue, story clarity, logic, point of view, consistency, and plot structure. I identify incorrectly used analogies, similes, metaphors, and ineffective examples. I note instances where the writer digresses or strays from the plot. The manuscript will be analyzed to assess the target audience, purpose and readability. Overall, I assist writers with reworking ideas that are unclear or poorly executed. This is the first stage and where rewriting certain portions of the work might be necessary.There are a few questions about the clarity of your writing that can be answered by a thorough content edit:

• Are the facts, plot details, and character traits consistent throughout the text?
• Are readers led to the appropriate conclusions?
• Are ideas and anecdotes appropriate for the context?
• Are your explanations clear and unambiguous?
• Does the writing flow cleanly from one idea to the next?

What Does Not Come with Content Editing: 

• Does not include rewrite of author’s work. No ghostwriting.
• Does not provide comprehensive fact-check.
• Does not correct mechanical aspects of the text until the material has been resubmitted for copy editing.

Copy editing [recommended for manuscripts that have already been content edited]:  Copy editing provides line by line editing. I focus on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, voice, consistency, word choice, spelling, style, clarity, the overall mechanics of the piece.
Proofreading [recommended for manuscripts thoroughly edited and already in layout format]: This is where details that may have been missed during copy editing, such as spelling, punctuation, and serious grammatical errors, are caught. This is sometimes called line editing. If there are any errors introduced during layout, such as, but not limited to, errors in headers and footers, page numbers, widows and orphans, and bad hyphen breaks at line ends, this is the stage to find them.
WHAT I EDIT I edit fiction, non-fiction and short stories. Please inquire about cost for other types of editing such as letters, biographies, autobiographies, dissertations, scholarly texts, self-help books, etc.
 I have been editing for over 9 years.



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