This girl remember bare feet in snow on a warm winter day.
Sun beaming down on two wide eyed kids
enjoying tufts of cold white flakes between toes.
One child just come from Jamaica.
The other come just five years before.
The one just come never see snow before.
He giggle with delight.
Snow fall from sky like rain.
He look up in wonder.
It fall slow, like cotton, but cold, he say.
We feel it. Feet melting it until we reach concrete or grass.
We reach hands to sky, try to catch the cotton that come down.
It fall in shapes, like sky stars.
It fall on tongues that love ice.
It melt like it never existed.
Body too warm for it to live long.
Arms swing. Bodies spin.
Giggles rise.
Mother look out window.
What you doing? You crazy?
You will catch cold and die!
Get inside now!
We laugh.
Mother don’t know snow can’t kill us.
Snow love us. It made for us.
It fall for us. It dance for us.
Mother don’t know. She too far removed.
She forget the child inside her.
She forget that laughter scare away demons.
The demons can’t take us from this place.
From the land of snow fall.
From the land of bare feet on white stars.