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Photo Challenge: Optimistic

How do you fuel the fires of optimism?

There seems to be so little time to read these days. Time is merciless and haunts me each time I venture to steal a bit of leisure. It breathes heavily on my neck as the sands run toward a place I may never fathom. Nonetheless, I am here, now, in this moment, and making excuses won’t stop the sands.

Between our incessant thoughts and busy life, a moment can be found to do what we want to do or need to do. I am optimistic that I will finish reading one book this month. I am fueled by the notion that if I wish, I can make time disappear, if even for a moment, by tilting the hourglass and stopping the sands.

Far greater magic has been achieved than this. As humans, we exist. How magical is that? I believe in my witches’ wand. I will stop time and read.

© Photo by zaji • Taken January 22, 2016

5 thoughts to “fueling imagination and possibility”

  1. I, too, am fighting time. You would think that a retiree can find time to read. No. At the close of a busy day, I grab my latest novel, get comfortable in my favorite chair, and open the door to fantasy. But wake in the middle of the night book in lap and glasses still in place. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  2. I remember reading Lights on a Cave Wall. I think I commented on it when you were working on it.
    I remember it being skillfully done, sexy. If that possible? Can sex be skillfully rendered?

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