It’s 5am. I wake up to the sun peeking over the horizon. Nothing stands between me and the day; not work, not time, not money. A set of roller skates sit in the attic filled with dust. They still fit and roll well. Only a dabble of oil on each wheel is required to silence the squeak. At least an hour of roller skating up and down hills and around blocks would be my exercise for the morning.

Some people say that certain activities are only for children. I say, why should that be? We’ve compartmentalized our way of viewing social activity, allocating only that which we deem appropriate for adults. But when was the last time you enjoyed a round of double dutch? Or red light green light? What about dodge ball or handball? Hopscotch or tag? Softball? When was the last time you played hide and seek or blind man’s bluff? Do you remember what it was like to hang on the monkey bars or fly high on a swing?

With a day to myself, I’d partake in as many fun youthful activities as possible. Then I’d take a walk through a forest with a book and bag of fruit. I’d find a warm rock, inhale the fresh forest air, face the sun, munch some fruit and read until I fell asleep. I’d later go to the beach, sit on the sand and watch the sun go down.

One day is not enough to do what we ought to do. Relaxation and fun time are not luxuries, they are our right as human beings. We should partake as often as possible. It would help to relax not only our mind, but our soul and invigorate our body. In the end, it could be our fountain of youth, slowing our aging so we may enjoy many more days of fun for fun’s sake.

Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time