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Writing Prompt: Contrast

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Life is a play of contrasts where colors watch us closely, yet find us belaboring only black and white. Too much time is spent focused on lyrics posing as rainbow-ed ideas. Black and white are not colors, but states of being. They do not adorn and arch the sky after the rain and clouds shift from view.

Our minds are heavy with the absence of light (white), and heavy with the presence of every color in existence condensed into a single energy source that holds the power of the rainbow (black). Everything lives in the carbon, even as the carbon lives in everything.

The absence pushes everything away; the collector gathers everything to it. It is the greatest of ironies—one we cannot seem to comprehend. So we remain confined to strange and limiting contrasts that bind us to erroneous ideologies and notions that burn through us, scorching skin and soul.

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