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Nearly ten years ago I put my television in the trash. Since that day my life has been an endless string of adventures, enlightenment, awakening, learning and growing. I’ve learned to spend more time living, as opposed to imagining life vicariously through characters on a screen. I began to read more and interact more with friends and family. My powers of discernment and ability to find resolutions increased. I became calmer, less on edge. I no longer wanted things I didn’t need. These things and many others have changed in my life. The most amazing thing about this journey is I’ve never missed television. I thought I would, but it was like a huge burden released, an albatross I let fly away. I am incredibly happy with the person I’ve transformed into. I am certain I will never turn back. Television is out of my life for good.

Video clip. Artist unknown.

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  • I own a non-working TV that is connected to nothing. I stopped watching TV maybe 4 years ago after my eye surgery. Then when my cousins briefly moved in with me I got it back for the kids but gave it up again about 2 years ago once I moved. I do watch certain shows on Netflix, Youtube and Amazon. I have a weakness for crime shows, forensic science, history shows, mysteries and Film Noir movies from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. But I pick what I like and am not in debt to Time Warner, Cablevision or Comcast!! Hooray!!

  • It is very courageous to give up TV! I completed a 9-week Artist’s Way program about 5 years ago and as part of the program you have to give up TV for 1 week. I thought it would kill me but it was actually very freeing and refreshing. I still find myself turning it off or hours a day. It is surprising how much more I can accomplish and feel satisfied without it! Thanks for sharing.

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