Here We Are

There is a world so vast we cannot comprehend,
Yet we wonder endlessly about our existence.
One cannot know this familiar place,
Except to recognize how unfamiliar it becomes
With time.
The winds show us the direction of our mortality.
It guides us to what our destiny will be.
Like the wind we must pass on,
Fading slowly into a breath; inaudible.
The wind dies, the land is still,
Here we are.

This is a poem I wrote circa 1998 and that I can still recite by heart. The nature of our world is interesting to me in an ugly and equally beautiful way. I realized back then that no matter what we think, feel or believe, we are here. Nothing will change that. We are here, yet sometime in the future, we will not be here. Sitting with this thought is outside of the idea of acceptance or fear of death. What is fascinating to me is that we are sentient and realize our existence, yet, know nothing about it beyond what we’ve chosen to believe. Our passion about evolution or creation won’t magically manifest our beliefs or perceived “proof” into truth. In the end, neither one of those ways could be the truth of our manifestation into existence; and how we’ve come to exist could be outside of anything we could ever imagine. Our existence will be what it is. Our thoughts are only thoughts, ways of seeing, possibly ways of hoping or coping with that which seems surreal to a great degree. We are here. How magical! How incredible! How mysterious! How unknowable! How exhilarating! How humbling! The stories we tell ourselves are intriguing. Yet, through it all, here we are, for now…for now


circa 2011