Experimenting with words fascinates me. Here is another experiment that I can edit to work better.


Honey soaked souls fly into sweet tomorrows
I am yesterday’s child, bejeweled with seaweed on my fin
I am scaled blue, breasts suppled by ocean waves

The moon is my timeless clock with no hands
It guides me to the deep end of the sea
When cloaked in darkness,
I am alone amidst the waters

I perch on island rocks
And sing mermaid songs for plankton
I sing for whales and dolphins
My brethren of the deep waters

Another bottle of honey becomes flotsam and jetsam
I swim to it then set it free from its prison
I am soaked in bee food
Honey soaked soul

Tasting sweet oceans
Remembering that I am yesterday’s child
Scaled blue and breasts supple

© zaji, 2016