i am wanting


I no longer remember who I am, nor why I am. Inside this foreign skin I breathe. I inhale the world I’ve wished for in far away dreams and exhale the world I exist in, bedeviled by those who swim in blood red ego.

I am wanting yesterday, packed up to take with me into tomorrow. It is in that place ahead where I’ll find what I seek. I am wanting.


One thought on “i am wanting

  1. A fine piece, thank you. Permit me to share my own thoughts on me.

    3. I Shed Waters.
    Waters I shed, Waters be it I shed.
    As my soul departs, as I prepare for the night’s journey
    Waters I shed as I traverse the universe, searching up high looking down low for me.
    Waters I shed as I return having not found me
    Waters I shed as I return ahead of the light, still yet under the cover of darkness
    Waters I shed in an instant when I recognize the significance of time
    Waters I shed as I begin to despise this Mort, in which Al deigned and designed to trap me
    Waters I shed, waters indeed I shed, as I realize………..
    I can no longer find me.

    It is bittersweet to find in you a kindred spirit both out of place in this world but not quite totally altogether lost !!

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