in the soil

i spent a couple of hours outside in the soil today. i mothered the dirt to prepare her for seeds. as i turned soil and removed plants that could strangle the food i intended to grow, i observed the robins and blue jays flitting about looking for lunch. the soil is a dark rich brown teaming with life—worms, tiny insects and grub.

i trimmed trees and small bushes that lined the driveway. leaves pilled high from the magnolia and oak trees littered the walkway. we raked them into a small hill and placed them near the side of the road for the garbage man.

in the front yard is our peach tree that has already begun to bloom. watching nature reminds me of the cycle of life and how everything we rely on for sustenance is born again each year.

below is the flower on the peach tree. there are dozens of flowers and buds preparing to open into flowers. watching life unfold teaches patience. i patiently await peaches.

February 2016 • Our Peach Tree

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