Indian food.

Just writing that makes me feel warm and soft inside.

Today I decided to take a trip to Jackson, MS to get some of the best Indian food available in a state that has so few quality food choices.

It was an hour and a half drive (don’t judge me) but worth the trip. I read most of the way there.

Periodically I would look up at the extraordinary scenery. Mississippi has some of the most plush and rich land in the country. The commodities being raped from the land are lumber and oil. It is unbelievable that there is so much oil here being pumped day and night. Lumber is hauled out along side the sunrise. Still, there is no sign of depletion or abating of their pillaging of the Earth. Mother allows these mega corporations to despoil the land for profit, all the while I imagine her wondering what will become of us as a species when she decides to stop feeding us oxygen. Will we adjust? Will we become extinct? Either way, the story won’t end well.

The Indian food and my book—they distracted me from my displeasure and helped me forget, for a moment, the desecration.

© zaji, 2016