laughter off limits


Writing Prompt: Too Soon?

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?


Given the nature of the culture, there are definitely some things that are off limits. How does one make funny the murder of an infant? What sort of joke can be created around children who are beheaded and blown to bits because of the quarrels of adults? No, everything cannot be made into a joke. Some things are beyond the boundaries of amusement and should not be made light of.

If we attempt to mock certain human experiences by creating jokes to belittle the severity of one’s painful experiences, we come dangerously close to losing our humanity.

2 thoughts on “laughter off limits

  1. Tragically, many on this planet have lost their humanity. There is so much desensitization to violence against children, women, and money hungry wars waged behind the guise of creating democracy and freedom. It is truly a sad state and I fear mankind’s humanity will not survive another winter.

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