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Writing Prompt: Say Your Name

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?


Funny you ask whether I would rename myself. I have, actually. My name is, zaji. It took several years to find a name I felt would suit me. After searching through hundreds of names, I finally came across zaji. It is from the Tappa of West Africa and it means, woman.

I love the sound of it, zah-gee. Zaaah-geeee. It’s musical. It vibrates from a deep place inside me. I find names fascinating. It is a pity to me when numerous people have the same name. It is as though something unique about them has dissipated.

In some cultures, a person goes through many names. As their personality changes and they mature, their name changes to match their new personality. I am in love with this concept and way of living. I imagine that if I lived in those cultures I would have had five different names already.

I also love the idea of naming one’s self after a certain time period. Who better to name us? As we get a sense of who we are, we find a name for ourselves that better suits us. This idea of knowing self before naming is present is some cultures where a new born child is not named until the child reaches a certain age, sometimes not until the child can walk.

Language, words, are merely sounds strung together in a certain sequence that we’ve collectively agreed to use to describe the world around us. When we speak, we create chords and notes that allow us to give definition and meaning to our seemingly intangible thoughts. The sound we use when we create a name is a vibration that will be coded to our energy. This is why I find naming important. It shouldn’t be haphazard. It is an important part of our soul DNA and spiritual fingerprint.

I love the name zaji. It sings to me and vibrates my truths. As I grow and change, there may come a time when my name will need to change. Until then, I am zaji.

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