“I am not asking you to remember who you are. I am asking you to put everything aside and discover what has never really been forgotten. See what has always been present.”
— Gangaji 


The space of memory is littered with yellow roses scattered atop red paint. Yellow suns warm distant solar systems teaming with life under yellow clouds. White clouds do not live there, only inside this great green and blue ball that spins suspended in mid-air, no strings attached; none that we can see or touch at least. Suspended animation carrying things animated but not suspended in Earth air. I don’t remember who I am anymore. My first mind has been rinsed with yellow water that tastes like lemons. My mind is sour with remorse for the loss. Who I am is gone, floating off into space, in suspended animation, no longer animating me to remember what I should have never forgotten.

© zaji, 2016