mistakes galore

Mistakes. What can be said about them that hasn’t been said a dozen times over. We make them, we make them again, we don’t learn from them, we learn from them, we move on and make many more mistakes. It’s all a part of life.

I’ve made many mistakes in life. There is no single lesson that has made me a better person or taught me a great lesson. All my mistakes, collectively, have contributed to the person I am today and have given me invaluable lessons that will forever be a part of my growth and unforgettable memories.

Over the years, I’ve intentionally and unintentionally said things that hurt someone. Who hasn’t? I’ve befriended those who were not worthy of my friendship. I’ve copulated with men who should have never seen the color of my underwear. I’ve married. I’ve divorced. I’ve dated for far too long someone who was unable to love me because he didn’t know how to love himself. I’ve been in accidents. I’ve said and done many stupid things. I’ve judged wrongly. I’ve spoken when silence was in order. I’ve stayed silent when my words were necessary. I’ve walked when I should have run and run when I should have walked. I’ve disrespected my body temple. I’ve cursed. I’ve screamed. I’ve been less than lady like. I could go on. But in the end, mistakes are a part of life and we’ll continue to make them until the day we die. What makes us better than we were yesterday is ensuring we don’t make the same mistakes twice. I try not to be a repeat offender. My mistakes have taken me this far, to this place where I am able to look at myself honestly and realize that I am not perfect, and that’s fine with me. I’ve learned many things along this mistake laden journey. I’ve learned to love more fiercely and speak more passionately. I’ve learned that my truth doesn’t need to be anyone else’s truth. But no matter what I believe, I should be humble and realize that there may come a day when I discover I am wrong. And that lesson should keep me humble and ever learning new things and new ways of seeing the world around me. I’ve learned that everything we think we know is fluid and ever changing—mistakes allow us to see the truth of this. My mistakes are my stepping stones. I won’t try to hide them away from others. They are a part of me.



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