belief collector

September 29, 2016 zaji 1

i collect beliefs and put them inside glass jars, rubber sealed and sometimes placed in the sun. i shake them to see if they will […]

filtered kiss

September 24, 2016 zaji 2

Having fun with filters today! Do you have any favorite filters you’d like to share?

pieces of me

September 20, 2016 zaji 1

i sprinkle pieces of me at your feet, like rose petals, to soothe your soul from the unforgiving earth. each piece is memory reborn, slipping […]

on the edge of rest

September 16, 2016 zaji 0

Photo Challenge: Edge I cannot sit. The edge is too near, too daunting. The cloth is stripped away as surely as my soul is stripped […]

i am starseed

September 9, 2016 zaji 0

inside this brown skin is the divine existence of mysterious cosmic forces. i am starseed.

i am not what you seek

September 8, 2016 zaji 0

I am not what you see or seek in the mirror. I am me, living inside my skin, carrying blood and bone through time.

blue elegance

September 8, 2016 zaji 1

Writing Prompt: Elegant Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. The waters are not blue. They are the mirror for the royal […]


September 8, 2016 zaji 0

Gaia I am in awe. Life. It sings to my soul. New Songs. Honor it now. Earth.

a return to locs

September 7, 2016 zaji 2

My DNA has warned me that if I keep on with this nonsense about growing out my natural hair without locs, there will be hell to pay. I get death threat-like whispers from my cells that I need to restart my locs, or else. This is a trying time, when the body actively participates in…

a return to locs was originally published on zaji

i am wanting

September 6, 2016 zaji 1

I no longer remember who I am, nor why I am. Inside this foreign skin I breathe. I inhale the world I’ve wished for in […]

death, the great silencer

September 5, 2016 zaji 5

When all is said and done, we are all rendered mute. Death does not care about our feelings nor opinions about our political leanings, religious […]