remembering jamaica


i am remembering jamaica

i remember jackfruit, gineps, bami, star apple, sour sop, dumplings, festival

the land of victuals is vast and satisfying

rastafarians fish by ocean side near smooth rocks

seaweed floats across dark brown legs


short fast cars on narrow streets

barefoot children, roads filled with wild, free, ownerless dogs,

outdoor fruit and vegetable markets selling long after the sun has crawled over the horizon

dark streets left strewn with rotting vegetables

carts with wooden wheels squeaking up low hills head home

tin shacks undulating by dim lights house low beds

dreams are short

the night ends before the sun rises

the ocean breeze blows the ancestors to shore

they remember jamaica when it, was

when it was still ancestral and free

i watch the waters carrying stories

a small fire on the beach lights the returning night

we sit

flame created shadows casting on solemn faces

we sit

remembering what most have forgotten

© zaji, 2016


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