Writing Prompt: Screen

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


Television screens rarely find themselves on trash heaps. A book will be burned before a TV is put to the fire. Any television found out in landfills will be aged and gray, fat and wrinkled at the seams, abandoned for slimmer, sexier models, unlike their owners, that will live in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, sometimes bathrooms, for decades before their owners turn them in for something sweeter and high class. The landfill waits long for televisions. But little black dolls will lay spread eagle and unkempt atop old newspapers, plastic bottles and colorful packages emptied of gently processed foods that are unkind to the heart. A half eaten Twinkie, still yellow and fluffed with cream falls beside the little black doll. Her plastic face melts, her pink dress is eaten away by rarely seen moths. She will be gone before the Twinkie.

A lonely television screen, scared and longing for an owner sits black and unwatched, found near broken on the heap by the measure of time. It searches for other screens. But it is alone, on miles of trash surrounded by unwanted things, wanting to be wanted again, like all other televisions, warm and at home, feeding their owners false images of humanity. Feeding their owners the dreams they’ve forgotten how to live for themselves. The screen longs again to be seen and to hypnotize.

© zaji, 2016