I was going through some old writings I’ve posted on little known blogs. It’s always interesting to look at what I wrote more than a year ago. When I wrote this I was meditating on the kind of noise we don’t often discuss. Spirit noise can be just as deafening and numbing as Earthly noise. Sometimes more so.

As I read this, I am reminded of the ever present noises that we live with daily. It is so rare that we sit in silence without the noise pollution that invades our every waking and sleeping moment.

We need long moments of quiet. To sit in silence is like fasting, we cleanse or spiritual selves in the same way that we cleanse our biological selves. We clean out the spiritual poisons that accumulate over years.

Meditation can be a road to the silence we desperately need in order to cleanse.

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The world is filled with spirit noise, soul noise, deep in the bottom of our cells noise. The noise keeps our soul ears from hearing what the planet is saying to us, in its whispers. It pleads to us, not to save itself, but to save us. It will survive, but will we? The soul noise, the spirit noise, the deep in the bottom of our cells noise is a constant din that reaches us way down in our dreams, loud and unprincipled, unwilling to let us hear the sounds of survival, the sounds of Mother Earth, our only real savior.

© zaji