Writing Prompt: Quirk of Habit

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.


Don’t…touch…me. Really, don’t.

I dislike when people have no regard for my personal space. I’ve noticed that there are people who have the habit of thinking it is ok to put their hands on others without their permission. I’m not some new found toy or novelty. I’m a person with my own ideas and emotions and way of seeing life. It should never be assumed that the way one does things is the way I do things. Therefore, don’t touch me. Folks need to take their habit of touching others without their permission elsewhere.

I love people who have the habit of laughing at the most sinister things about life. I know, weird. But I find it amusing. I realize they are not laughing because it is literally funny, but because if they don’t laugh, they might cry. These kinds of people I find to be the most compassionate because they are incredibly sensitive to what is going on in the world and still find ways to keep a smile on their face, albeit at the most awkward time.

As for me, I hate that I am a procrastinator. It’s disgusting to say the least, and a really horrible habit. I’m working through it.

I enjoy rubbing ears. What a crazy habit, right? Every time I go near my sweetie, I rub his ears. I’m pretty sure he likes it, and I find it incredibly soothing. So there you have it, I’m an ear rubber. Don’t laugh at my quirky habit now made public.