stone language forgotten

Sharing an idea I’ve pondered for a while. Not very poetic, but a notion I like to toy with in prose. Maybe one day I’ll write something more serious and poetic around this idea.

Imagine that stones are sentient beings and the oldest species on Earth. Imagine that they not only carry memories, but share those memories with every single stone, rock and gem on earth. Stones could be our ancestors waiting to share the secrets of the universe with us, but because we’ve lost touch with Mother, we no longer can hear the stone language.

Can you imagine that the stones know everything there is to know about anything on Earth? Maybe everything about our Galaxy.


The Stones

Stones carry memories of mother’s births
They tell trees about their beginnings
The waters learn why they flow

Stones tell our stories
Secrets layered beneath soil
How humans came to be

How we end
Where we go
Why we go


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