We imagine many kinds of worlds. We’ve even lived through decades of black & white television where our world was reflected back to us without color. Some have claimed they only dream in black and white. Whereas I have always dreamed in full color. Even in my subconscious mind during sleep, I did not allow myself to view the world in any other way but how I see it when I am awake.

If I were to imagine a single thing—in a world of black and white—that I would want to remain in color, it would be me. I love my brown skin, my pink red lips and brown eyes with a pale blue ring around my iris. I would hope that every piece of black and white clothes that touched my body would materialize into full color for whatever amount of time I wore it. If I were in full color, it wouldn’t matter that the world was black and white, because each thing I touched would become full color in that moment.

But if forced to decide on one single color, I would pick blue. I’d love to be blue. Blue feels like the color of birth, of life. Blue is calming. To make myself blue, in a world of black and white, is a soothing notion. I would be the object filled with life and a color that reflects the world.

me locs_color_black_white