the longing


Writing Prompt: Longing

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I am longing for true freedom, bedecked in translucent gems and emerald silk lace.
Freedom that is jackfruit and ginep sweet.
Mango flesh on my wanting tongue.
Feeding me a ripe future.
I want freedom unbound, chain-less and naked in wide open fields.
Borderless freedom where dividing lines are a figment of my imagination.
A nightmare worth disgorging from my psyche.
I am longing for a self that knows only fruit trees and warm waters.
Brown flesh bathed in orange sunlight on sandy shores.
Waters that speak my name.
Freedom comes in waves.
Rushing over starfish and seaweed.
Over wiggling uncovered toes.
I am longing for authentic life.
I am longing for what could be.

One thought on “the longing

  1. We have similar longings. What I long for the most is to simply be me. Then to have my brother and others with disabilities accepted, supported and encouraged. Yes an ideal world. At least I am getting closer to my first longing because in two years I will no longer be chained to my 9-5.

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