the rebellion

Writing Prompt: One at a Time
Today, write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.

To be stuck with words that have one piece, just one sound, is odd. It is like my life force is in jail, trapped by the word cops. They have held me with cuffs on my mind. No, you do not have the right to use more than one sound. One piece at a time or you will be locked up. I hear this and know I must find a way to share my thoughts.

So, I will write what I can, so the law will not seek me out.

one word
one thought
it rolls off my tongue

i am lost in this maze
of words with one sound
of the voice with one vibe

but i am not free
i do not like this cage
this hole in my soul

caught in the last
sound of my heart
that beats to the vibe

one vibe
one sound
one voice in the night

but i am free
and must free me
from this night…fright

the world needs sounds
it needs more than one
more than one beat

so i will be the one
to give up my soul
for the cause

i will be the one
to speak…in…

…multiple syllables that enhance the world and brightens the colors of days and nights and dances to the songs that remind us that music is soul and memory, music is poetry, poetry is the conjuring of history and thought and the past as cadence, as introspective sound that floats onto the air and lands on ears that hear the colors of words. Yes, glorious words with one, two, three syllables. The syllables, the movement, the ebb and flow of many parts of the melody of symbols…in sound, of ideas in sound, of memories in sound, of words…as sound. I…am…under…arrest. I know this. Because I have broken the rules. I have used the many parts of words, the syllables that were banned and are now rebellion carved into the sky and floating on the wind. I cannot take them back. Why would I? I am in love. Syllables and I have been lovers for all my life. Now we are freedom fighters, fighting for the syllable cause, the right to bear sounds and carry them with us across highways, in public places, on our flags and painted on our faces. We have the right to bear sounds, many sounds, in many syllables on the White House lawn and written across the sky. We have the right to bear multiple syllables of any kind, without permission from those who would tell us that multiple syllables are bad and single syllables are good. We have the right to bear words of our choosing. We must reject the rules of the establishment and take up multiple syllables and march across the world, bearing them for our brothers and sisters to see, so they too can realize that freedom is only a rebellion away, only a few extra syllables away.

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