the strangeness of existence


the strangeness of existence.

for hundreds of thousands of years i did not exist. then, enter darkness, light, water, heartbeat, blood, bone, body, breath, sentience; movement of me, them, us, we, on green and brown Earth.

i am here.

a century at most is all i have. then i will cease. no movement, no sentience, breath, body, bone, blood, heartbeat, water, light, darkness.


or, nirvana.

or, that unknown thing we cannot name.

or, oblivion, the abyss, the Great Nothing.

i won’t exist—not in this way; for hundreds of thousands of years, the me i’ve come to know will reside in uncharted existence.

the strangeness rattles my soul.

it is like a queer dream masquerading as reality.

it is frightening and exhilarating all at once.

it will be the journey of a lifetime.

it will be what it is.

© zaji, 2016

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  • Many times I feel like a stranger in a strange land. Sometimes I feel I’ve lived before. Especially as a child when I could see other worlds not visible to people around me. Or even on my job in the museum I look at the features canopic jars and see my face in another lifetime.

    For me as a Christian death will be stepping out of this pain ridden shaky body into Paradise to be reunited with my loved ones. For me this is the eternal life spoken of in the Bible. Perhaps this is what Jesus means in John 14 when he says in My Father’s House are many Mansions. However I’m not yet ready to cross over so I remain on this side of the veil wondering and waiting. What a strange yet exotic journey we travel.

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