There are so many places on earth I would love to visit. The planet is amazingly beautiful and filled with adventure. Ultimately I’d love to visit every single inch of this place we call home. Until that can be achieved, the first five places I’d love to go are:

Africa: It’s exciting to imagine exploring the entire continent to feel what it’s like to walk upon the soil of a land that is believed to be the cradle of all civilizations and the beginning of mankind. There is an incredible spirituality that blankets Africa. I want to feel that energy.

Bangkok: There is something about the notion of Bangkok that intrigues me. It seems ripe for exploring. The photos I’ve seen show so much beauty and history.

Ecuador: I’ve read a lot of great things about Ecuador. There has been some recent issues because, once again, foreigners are now going in to disrupt the indigenous people. This sort of thing never seems to end. Companies want to set up shop to charge the locals for water. Outside of this recent disgusting development, Ecuador is one of the countries with the most centenarians on the planet. It has extremely clean air and species of trees with a high oxygen level. The town, Vilcabamba, is an ideal spot in Ecuador and a place I would love to live.

Australia: What better place to visit than down under? Australia seems like such a beautiful place. I would love to explore the land and meet the indigenous Koori.

Jamaica: It is my birth home. However, I have never spent any of my adult years living there. I’d love to spend at least a couple of years of my adult life in Jamaica to rekindle childhood memories and create adult memories of my beautiful island home.

Based on the Daily Prompt: the wanderer