to reincarnate or not to reincarnate

The longer I live, the more adverse I become to the notion of reincarnation.

There is so much violence on this planet and so many spiritually lost humans; I am not really interested in returning to this place under the current conditions. If there were a way for me to know for sure, while on the “other side” (if there is such a place), that I would be incarnating into a peaceful period of existence, then I would welcome returning. But as it stands I am actually rather terrified of the possibility of coming back to this planet. And actually now hopeful that reincarnation doesn’t exist, at least not for me at this moment. Don’t get me wrong, there is much beauty here. Beauty beyond imagination. But those who have created the culture in its current form, and continue to maintain it, make it all too difficult to access most of that beauty, relegating our access to a commodity we must buy or ask permission to access. For those of us who are not lucky enough to attain wealth, we are limited to the beauty that fits into our budget rather than the beauty we were born into and available to all human beings. We are told to be content with the local and familial beauty we get and not allow our lack of access to all beauty that exists to hinder us from seeing the beauty we do have access to. How interesting to attempt to convince people that their universal right to access the planet should be ignored. We shouldn’t fight for the right to see what others see using wealth, as though wealth gives them some special rights we shouldn’t all have, more of a right to what we were all born into.

No. I don’t want to come back here. If there is reincarnation, I’ll wait until humans learn how to live unified. I don’t want to be reborn into a world where violence, war, money, governments and borders exist. If I were forced to return, I would want to return to an educated and wise planet, one where spiritual evolution is at its highest, so that I may enjoy the incredible beauty of this place and enjoy the beautiful people I’m sure I would meet without the divisive methods of existence that plague the world today.

If reincarnation turns out to be a reality, ask me about returning in about five thousand years. Even then, I’ll be interviewing returned beings to get their thoughts on this place before I decide to take on this planet again.


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  • I agree with you on Not wanting to return to this earth if I have the choice. I have many friends who do believe in reincarnation but in their faiths that could mean you come back as an animal not necessarily a human. Having had some significant spiritual experiences with family members who have passed on I don’t believe I will return to this earth. From my encounters with transitioned relatives they exist on another level, another plane and have different missions or jobs some of which involve family still here on this planet earth. For some odd reason I’m the conduit in my family between those ascended and those whose time has not yet come. My experience thus far is that when one leaves the body you move onto other purposes or if for some reason you’re not able to completely cut ties with this earth you wait until a vessel is born and prepared who can assist you in crossing over.

    • I know about the returning as animal incarnation as well. Many humans are so cruel to animals, I wouldn’t want to even come back as an animal if I had the choice. Nope. Not gonna happen. I’d need to see major changes on this planet to even think about coming back.

  • Well on that note, Let’s hope we really do have a choice in the matter since nobody has returned from the dead to tell us one way or another!! I always pray to God that when my time comes I’ll be moving onto something better.

  • Well said! I agree with you 100%. I will choose not to reincarnate if I am given the option… I am still wondering if I was given the option the last reincarnation… I find it very hard to believe that I chose to reincarnate to this work that is full of sociopaths, hate, war, violence, and extreme suffering. The suffering on planet earth is beyond my comprehension. Not only do people and children suffer EVERY day. Animals suffer an even more agonizing life of torture and pain. This life and world makes me so sad.

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