we learn nothing

We learn from history that we do not learn anything from history. – Mark Twain


Mark Twain brilliantly and succinctly assessed the culture and the issues we continue to face. A century later, all one need do is look around. Look at the news, look at how humanity is being treated in various parts of the world. Humans oppressing other humans in ever more cunning and sadistic ways. We learn nothing from history. Nothing. Instead, we continue the cycle unabated.

One thought to “we learn nothing”

  1. I’m grateful to have grown up in relatively peaceful times. A peaceful oasis, you migh say, surrounded by violence behind us and before us. Humankind seems to learned nothing from past experience. What’s worse is that violence has stopped being shocking and become the norm. The world has learned how to justify violenc and has become desensitised to it.
    Even Mark Twain, cynical as he was about humanity could not have predicted it he awful shape of things to come.

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