what goes around…really goes around

The are few things I believe in unwaveringly. I leave myself open to all the possibilities in the universe we can imagine. Karma is one of those things that I don’t believe as a definitive truth of existence, but as a very real possibility that should give us pause and be taken seriously.

Imagine the implications of karma? Don’t simply fall back to memories of what you once thought about it. Really dissect what this potential might mean to you, the people you know, the planet, the universe, the multiverse, the omnivores, and all the other spaces in which we cannot even begin to conceive of. What does or will it mean if karma truly exists? Particularly if it exists based on the idea of an ascending soul that moves higher on the spiritual evolutionary chain, eventually no longer incarnating in human form.

As humans, we have lived through thousands of years of experiences, some good, some bad, some seemingly repetitive and mundane. What if karma is the reason for why, as a species, the violence we see on the planet cannot disappear? What if our behavior or potentially incorrect way of seeing our existence and the existence of others (including other species on the planet), is the reason we live in what feels like a vicious unproductive cycle? What if? What if what we perceive as “advancement” is in fact a devolution away from real soul advancement/growth, which might be the only true marker of a great species?

If karma is a real possibility, then the game is afoot. We would need to deeply examine the things we believe, especially those things that disenfranchise other humans, animals and even plants on this planet. How does xenophobia, bias, prejudice, racism, violence and apathy affect our karma and our ability to ascend to a better existence? What if there is one simple rule to karma, and that rule is the only thing that stands in our way, keeping us from ascending? What if all we need to remember is, do no harm? Again, what if? Consider the possibility that our simple inability to ask the question, what if, is the primary reason why we are incapable of imagining that what we do could affect not only our future on this planet and after this world, but it also affects other souls we live with here and in the possible hereafter. Our karma could cause chain reactions or ripples that change the karma of others in ways that cannot be conceptualized. The negative we do that brings harm, the negative we think that leaves a residue of our ill thought on the cosmic record, could be one in many millions of things floating about us that keep the Earth as a whole from collectively ascending.

Because I have always been open to the question of what if, nothing much would change in the way I currently think and behave–except, of course, recognizing that what I think and believe must be fluid and not ridged. While I don’t know if karma really exists, I live as though it does. I believe that we should endeavor to do no harm to other humans and species on this planet. Defend our life, yes, because it is the only one we know of at this time, but never initiate violence against anyone.

No harm is done in living as though karma exists. In the end, it can only help. Because it holds us accountable for our behavior to believe that what we do will affect how we live in a possible hereafter, or in a possible return to Earth. Or, dare I say, even while we are here. We can see the evidence, on Earth, of how our actions affect others. Isn’t this really a sort of earthbound karma at play? We call it chain reaction, cause and effect, or other terms that attempt to move from the realm of the metaphysical into the realm of the concrete. But in the end, if I make a wrong turn in my car and an accident occurs because of it, no matter what name we try to give it, the principle of karma could very well be how we define what unfolds. The words don’t really matter. Karma is just a word that we’ve given meaning to. The meaning, as many perceive it, is cause and effect.

In the end, I have always lived with the assumption that what I do affects my future and the future of others. So nothing really changes for me. If anything, my understanding is renewed. And this thing called Karma simply remains on my long list of universal possibilities. Real or not, nothing is lost.

Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

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