when we were one


When We Were One

A race of women have lived in relative peace for centuries. But strange forces have come through the ages to finish what was started.

The opposing forces have their eyes on these special sisters who are unaware of what is on the horizon. These visitors will do anything to acquire the secrets of this ancient culture.

These women are unique in many respects, but none of their abilities can outweigh their ancient methods of reproduction. This, and the very thing that makes them strong, are what the visitors seek.

The sisters must go back through the annals of cycles gone to learn what they’d forgotten. It is in the past that they might be able to save their future.

When We Were One takes readers on a tour through memories of days gone. It is a journey that uncovers the soul of women and the spiritual miles they’ve trod. When We Were One honors nature and the vastness of the many universes that speckle the darkness.

This story honors women and their relationships. And it honors men and their connection to women.



4 thoughts on “when we were one

  1. Our connection is the book named “Families and Friends” by Margaret Kaine, which the young girl (who could be 17 years of age) from China finished reading it, few minutes before taking her flight from Gatwick to Edinburgh. I asked her if she had finished reading the book, as I could see that she is leaving the book she was seated. She said yes sir, you can have it. She further explained that she had a one year English Training Course in Central London and now she is on her way to study an Engineering degree in Edinburgh University. I said good luck to her, she responded by saying “have a safe journey to South Africa, hope to meet you again”. Now I am here giving you this testimony that I will be your next visitor soon.

  2. “Majestic and epic, unforgettable, enlightening, and abounding in truth, When We Were One is the rare original myth that will resonate in readers’ minds for eternity.”

    ~ J. J. Murray, author of Until I Saw Your Smile (Editor’s Pick, Ebony)

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